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Difficult to be a WOMAN 2 August, 2007

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why is it so damn 7 hard to be a woman? got so much to worry.. got so much to think.. why woman must suffer for monthly period for so many years while men need not to? why woman must suffer for 9months while pregnancy while men can just shoot n leave without taking any responsibility if he wan to.. the world will never be fair while everyone seem dreaming that the world is getting more balance n fair… fuck! that’ll never happen!

women got to suffer so much while most men stil dun appreciate but keep complain bout women is not doing good enough for taking care of the family, not being independance enough, alwiz moody, bla bla bla… why dun men ever stand in women shoes n feel it? if guys really think that being a women is an easy job, i may god bless u be a women for your next life then.

while god just being slightly award women to stand a priority to do something or to ask for something in the most society.. but then men complain women is wasting money. fuck! why do women need to dress up juicy n make up nicely while walkin on d street? all bcos dunwan to make u guys pute while u’r eating or drinking! women wan to be pretty bcos of men… not bcos competition among women but serious shit, when really think bout it, stil, all happen bcos of guys… 2b compete to attract guys’ attention!

how much would a guy appreciate a woman? how many guys know how to appreciate a woman? it’s gettin less n less but started to depend on woman so much on physically, mentally and now, some even depend on financially! these r the real damn fuckers…

somehow, i just find myself feelin so irritate wit guys recently. wish to get a break from guys. i’ve feelin eerie while a guy touched me, yaks! hell…wat the hell god happen to me n i couldnt figure out yet. hope someday someone who know appreciate girls can will gimme an answer then…


2 Responses to “Difficult to be a WOMAN”

  1. CK Says:

    > i think u r not 100% correct about men n women, but i didnt say that u r wrong. man will also hurt by women, i think u know better becos this is between u n me. god bless women have period is to give new life that man cant do it u should proud not mad. women been pretty is not for man is for urself. u say man n women will nvm have a fair game, yes i accept that but is becos the more u worry it train u to become more mature then man just relax waiting for thing to happen. god create 2 difference ppl is for u to learn not fuck…… taking care of family is not a suffer is for u to enjoy a new life that u have build but to find man at the same thinking is hard not that is cant. u hate it becos u have not find it.
    > i hope u dont mind i write like this to u, is becos some of the issue u write i dont agree and then the thing happen to me it make me see more clearly what should i need for future. i hope u can see it too.
    > from CK

  2. kanika1 Says:

    I think the differences between men and women, is why may be they will never understand one another. If the two were the same, life would be very boring!

    I think if we are going to appreciate someone’s good points then we should apprecaite their bad points, it’s what makes us human. Men and women have different skills and qualities that compliment one another.

    I’m sure it’s difficult to be a man too, it’s just that as women we cannot appreciate some of the pressures they feel. For instance, some men cannot be with women that earn more than they do, it’s a blow to their ego, but it’s just their natural instinct to be the breadwinner.

    Not all men make it difficult to be a woman.
    At least attitudes towards women have changed even since the 1980s. It’s more acceptable for women not to get married, have children so young and instead they can be successful and have careers. I think it’s a huge achievement!


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