:: Ras Angela @ Home ::

Beauty in the Automotive

::Gallery:: 28 July, 2007


Make-up artist & I

A3 group photo

A3 group funny poses

A3 group close photo

Sweet Amelia & I

MinLi, Me & Doreen

Sharon, MinLi & I

Eat all WE can as it's on the house!

The host DanielTan & I

Summer wear showcase

Summer wear showcase


Make-up artist & I

Backstage Briefing


Glamour Chic Style Fashion show

Glamour Chic Style Pose

Backstage Briefing

Why we look so scared?

Now look even more worried...


Making an opening speech

Enjoying foot relexology

Picking a title for interviewing Daniel

Do you see that I'm not quite enjoying?

Finale Speed

SuhJia, Me & Shaun in make-up room

Group Photos

Mark & Me

193cm VieLoon & 173cm Ras

Ronald, Me & Shaun

Best buddy Shaun & I

Another opening introduction speech

Group A3 on stage

Divided into pairs for dancing

Group hosting for 2pairs dancing

Being interview before dance

WeiJun lead me dance

WeiJun turn me round & round

Wow... WeiJun hold me firmly

WeiJun & I together with REAL PRO DANCERS

SuhJia & I

Funny Jude & I


Me & TianTian


Hosting on stage & introducing another group talents

Doing mind-reading on stage

Interacting with the audience on stage

Group photo with team leaders

Petite SuhJia & Me

Now I'm showing how tall am I :p

TianTian & me


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