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Move again~ 16 May, 2008

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Sorry sorrt sorry.. My current blog updates will be at http://rasangela.blogspot.com/… sorry for all the inconvenience caused… In fact, my blog will be compiled and move to my own domain name very soon!

Anyhow, catch u around 🙂


Tag: whoever surname Wong :) 12 May, 2008

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Starting time: 18:17 PM
Name: Ras Angela Wong
Sisters: 1
Brothers: 0 (Brothers-buddies not counted huh?)
Shoe size: 8/9 big footed
Height: 173cm
Where do you live: KL
Favourite drinks: Coffee
Favourite breakfast: Rare…
Have you ever been on a plane: errrr… yes, im sitting in a place to be precise
Swam in the ocean: errr… snorkeling in Redang will it be counted?
Fallen asleep in school: Not much, usually I will just grab my stuff and go home sleep 🙂
Broken someone’s heart: I think so… but my heart has been broken to pieces as well!
Fell off your chair: hahahha….. embarrassed*
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: hmmm… while watching tv, light up fags, eat maggie, play Wii…
Saved e-mails: wat the…..
What is your room like: like as in which like? it looks like a space with 4 walls which allow me to rest in it, not forever peace~
What’s right beside you: chair
What is the last thing you ate: Wan TaN Mee
Ever had chicken pox: yes..
Sore throat: yes..
Stitches: no gua~
Broken nose: nop, broke other’s nose yes
Do you believe in love at first sight: not love, admire yes..
Like picnics: depends on mood
Who was the last person you danced with: i can’t recall
Last made you smile: MSN buddies
You last yelled at: Daniel Lee Chin Soon

Today do you:
Talk to someone you like: Nop
Kissed anyone: yes, on the cheek~
Get sick: no
Talked to an ex: yes
Miss someone: hmm now i started wonder why didn’t I miss “somebody” today~
Eat: lunch
Best feeling in the world: orgasm
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: I have one on my bed but I dun sleep on that bed
What’s under your bed: mattress sticked on the floor wei…
Who do you really hate: errrrrrrr…….
What time is it now: 18:26

Randoms :
Q: Is there a person who is on your mind right now: no
Q: Do you have any siblings: how many time to be repeat?
Q: Do you want children: Not I to give birth~
Q: Do you smile often: hahahahahaha
Q: Do you like your hand-writing: no
Q: Are your toenails painted: no
Q: Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: my housemate’s bed LoL
Q: What colour shirt are you wearing: black
Q: What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday: watching my fren play online game at home
Q: I can’t wait till: the day i marry
Q: When did you cry last: errr… within this month…
Q: Are you a friendly person: i think so~
Q: Do you have any pets: no

Where is the person you have feelings for right now? = haha…. who do u mention?
Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now? = no
Do you sleep with the TV on? = no
What are you doing right now? = please do not ask me dumb question!
Have you ever crawled through a window? = yes
Can you handle the truth? = Yes i prefer truth than discover lies later
Are you too forgiving? = it depends on who I’m to forgive~
Are you closer to your mother or father? = mother
Who was the last person you cried in front of? = errr in front of person.. my buddies i think~

How many people can you say you’ve really loved? = define love
Do you eat healthy? = define healthy
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex? = yes
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you? = yes
How often do you go to church? = last was at least 8years ago
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to? = a cute stranger LOL
dAre you loud or quiet most of the time? = depends on occasion
Are you confident? = yes from outer, no from inner


How Frequent You Have Sex? 1 September, 2007

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The Durex Sexual Wellbeing global survey was conducted during August and September 2006 by Harris Interactive – one of the world’s leading market research agencies.In total, 26,032 respondents participated in the survey.The survey was conducted in 26 countries. An online approach was adopted in 25 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, UK, USA.
For Nigeria a face-to-face/self completion approach was adopted, due to the low use of internet and telephone in this country.

How Frequent of each country people have sex?

Frequency of Sex
During year 2004, the frequency of sex globally, people are having sex an average of 103 times a year with women (106) having sex more frequently than men (101). The age group 35-44 year olds are having the most sex (116) compared to just 91 times for the 16-20 age group. The French (137), Greeks (133) Hungarians and Serbian and Montenegrins (both 131) are having the most sex, while those in Japan (46), Hong Kong and Singapore (both 79) are the least sexually active.

Age of First Sex

  • People worldwide are having sex for the first time at an average age of 17.7
  • Women are sexually active earlier than men – at 17.5 compared with 17.8
  • Young people are having sex for the first time at a younger age than previous generations – while the over 45s were 18.2 and 21-24 year olds were 17.5, 16-20 year olds were just 16.5
  • Almost three in 10 (29%) say they were 16 or under when they lost their virginity
  • Icelanders are having sex younger than those in any other country (15.7), followed by the Germans (16.2), and the Austrians (16.3)

Time Spent on Foreplay

  • On average, people across the world spend 19.7 minutes on foreplay with men claiming to spend more time than women – 20.2 and 18.8 respectively
  • The younger age groups take the longest – 21.6 minutes for 16-20 year olds and 19.1 for 21-24 year olds compared to 17.3 minutes for the over 55s
  • The British spend the most time on foreplay (22.5 minutes), followed closely by the Germans (22.2), the Irish (21.8) and the Spanish (21.7)
  • The Thais spend the least amount of time (11.5 minutes) followed by those in Hong Kong (14.2) and the Vietnamese (15.2)

Numbers of Sexual Partners

  • People around the world have had an average number of 10.5 sexual partners
  • More than a quarter (27%) have had only one partner while 21% have had sex with more than 10 people
  • Men have had more sexual partners than women – 12.4 compared to 7.2
  • The Chinese have had more sexual partners than anyone else – 19.3 compared with the Brazilians (15.2), the Japanese (12.7) and the Danes (12.5)
  • Those in Vietnam have had the fewest sexual partners – 2.5 compared with Hong Kong (3.5), India (3.7) and Malaysia (4.2)

Sexiest Features

  • A toned body (14%) – with the bottom (15%) and breasts and chest (14%) in particular – are the sexiest features. Men focus most on the breasts while women think eyes are the most sexy
  • One in 10 believe attitude is the sexiest factor while age, wealth and hair colour (all just 1%) are the least important things
  • More than a third of Swedes (34%) think attitude is the sexiest feature anyone can have while 23% of Danes go for sexy eyes and 32% of
  • Indians home in on the chest area

How bout you? 🙂


New Blog Outlook 7 August, 2007

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I have updated my blog outlook with the current theme, wat do you think?
I Love Pink & Red, and I guess 3columns would finely suit all the text & applications here 🙂

Continue supporting me!
Hope you enjoy reading my blog 🙂


Can u sit like him? 1 August, 2007

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This is the best sitting poisture I’ve ever seen in my life!
Can you do that? Will the teacher dare to punish him? 😀


Taking Night Course 30 July, 2007

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Guys, Let read joke again lar~~ :p

Ah Beng went to take night course with the promising in future to can get promotion or better job. During work, Ah Beng likes to show off to Ah Seng about his knowledge.

Ah Beng: Ah Seng ah… I’ve been taking night courses for 3 months already, next week is the exam.
Ah Seng: Oh… Good luck ah. Just Joking

Then Ah Beng started show off…

Ah Beng: Ok, I test you, who is Graham Bell?
Ah Seng: Don’t know Rolling Eyes
Ah Beng: He is the inventor of phone la… in 1876, see… if you take night course, you would know this. Cool
Ah Seng: …………………… *speechless Quiet Please!*

The next day, Ah Beng shows off again…

Ah Beng: Ah Seng ah… let me ask you, who is Jean Jacques Rousseau?
Ah Seng: Wash your toilet one ah? Rolling Eyes
Ah Beng: No! He’s the author of “Confessions”, nah nah nah… told you already, if you take night course, you would know this. Cool
Ah Seng: ……………………. *speechless Quiet Please! + frustrated Angry*

The next day, once again…

Ah Beng: Do you know who is Alexander Dumas?
Ah Seng: Your gay partner?
Ah Beng: Choiii!!! If you don’t know don’t simply answer la. He’s the author of “The 3 Musketeers”, if you take night course, you would know this. Cool
Ah Seng: ………………….. *speechless Quiet Please! + frustrated Angry + irritated Sick

This time Ah Seng cannot tahan (stand) anymore and ask Ah Beng…

Ah Seng: Eh… Actually, Do you know who is Ah Kaw?
Ah Beng: Errrr… Thinking  No! Not Talking
Ah Seng: He’s the guy who’s sleeping with your wife!! If you stop night course, you would know this!! Cool
Ah Beng: wat the!!!! Angry …………………………… *fainted*  Hand Over Forehead


Paintball 20 July, 2007

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After got back from Centurise Media office, my friend Daniel invited me to have lunch together~ oh yea, there I remember I’ve not taken my lunch! It’s almost 5pm now~

Before having lunch, we go to Damansara Perdana, a shop which sell all the paintball stuffs~

I do have a paintball gun! This is A5 Stealth~

This gun shoots a paintball at a speed of 300km/hr. So dun play-play~ you might get injured if the paintball is shot at a short distance…

By visiting the shop, i saw a leaflet regarding a paintball competiton is going on in JB… Anyone who is interested? It’s a fun and shocking game 🙂
See the prize money? It’s RM7000 in cash for winner!