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::Monsters:: 27 July, 2007

佳作系列[1]Nissan Skyline GTS-R32

Many foreigners would be curious, how do we Malaysian modify a car…

This post does mean that I want to show off but simply want to share! As I know there’s many automotive workshop refused to share to the public, afraid others might copy their works wo~
But I think: If you’re able to copy, Please do so!
No challenge, no Competition, no Improvement!
我不是要show Quo-Li,只是想分享,因为我知道有许多车厂都不敢公开给别人看,怕给人抄!

The first car for this showcase completed about 2days ago, that’s why many parts are not being well-installed yet~ Let me share with u first!

This is a drafting look, bonnet cannot close properly~

At last the modifications done! Engine sits lower, Gravity point becomes lower too!

Give you a close up~ 近距离看~

This is the special custom engine done by us with the combinations of :-
这就是特别配制的:- RB30 Block + RB26DET Head+ Fairlady Piston + Trust TD05 Twin Turbo

Trust TD05 Twin Turbo

At the back of bonnet, original petrol tank has been replaced with Racing Spec petrol tank.

2x Bosch 250 Fuel Pump + GReddy GTR Surge-tank

(Front)前面用GTR Endless Brake system with Advan RG 17″ Rims

(Rear)后面用Evo Brembo Brake system (Spent 5days to complete this / 用了5天来改) with Advan RG 17″ Rims

(Inside) 里面,Full Defi Meters set

Dyno Tune with Haltech E11v2

Sabelt bucket seat

(Engine) 引擎: RB30 Block + RB26DE Engine + Fairlady Piston + Trust TD05 Twin Turbo

(Engine modifications) 引擎改装: Sard 1000cc Injector x6 + Tomei Head Gasket + Tomei Cam Shaft + Sard Fuel Rail + Tomei Cam Pully + Lighten Fan Pully + Trust Exhaust Manifold + Nology Hot Wire + Sard 52mm Wastegate + Tial Blow Off Valve + N1 water Pump + Greddy GTR surgetank + Bosch 250 Fuel Pump x2

(Transmission) 牙箱: OS Zigen Gearbox + OS Zigen 1,2,3 Racing gear set + Nismo Tripple Plate Clutch set + 4.3 Final Drive + OS Zigen Flywheel + Nismo 2way LSD

(Cooling system) 冷却系统: Custom XL Intercooler + Custom 3layer Copper Radiator + Electronic Control Radiator Fan

(Braking system) 刹车系统: (Front) Endless 6port GTR + (Rear) Brembo 4port custom from Evo7

(Undercarriage & Car Chasis) 车脚: Tein type flex Suspension + Tanabe Front Anti Lor Bar + Nismo Lower Arm + ORG rear caster, etc

(ECU & Electronics Devices) 电板&电子: Defi Meters Full Set + Apexi Turbo Timer + Greddy Boost Controller + Haltech E11v2 (Others) 其他: HKS Exhaust system + Sabelt Racing Bucket seat x2(Maximum Horsepower) 最大马力: 640HP (on engine) / 480HP (on wheel)
(Maximum Torque) 最大扭力: 55kgm-1
(Maximum Boost) 最高Boost: 0.9Bar
Air/Fuel Target: 11.5

On the above graph, light blue indicating the Torque while dark blue indicating the Horsepower.


10 Responses to “::Monsters::”

  1. Denis_T Says:

    So how much is spent on the modifications and tunings?

  2. Ras Angela Says:

    this car spent about rm120k on the modifications…
    tuning itself… Haltech E11 + dyno tuning is bout rm8k..

  3. twen Says:

    car modifying really cost a bom..
    where you get the fund?

  4. Ras Angela Says:

    twen, thx for being in here~
    i run a automotive high performance modification workshop… so CUSTOMER pay for the fund :p wait, let me ask him where did he get the fund, haha! jus kidding~ but i’ll try my best to post more our project here, stay tune 🙂

  5. Wilson Says:

    wow… 120K for mods? a game thats too expensive for me to play… 😀 😀

  6. Ras Angela Says:

    haha…. u might have the chance to play this kinda game!
    altho many thinks 120k to mod a car become like this is expensive, but for those who r fever with cars modding, should know mod 120k to a skyline is jus “so so’ :p

  7. francis b Says:

    hi ras, u working with who ah? which workshop? d’tuning?


  8. Ras Angela Says:

    im working with everyone…. hahahaha~
    managing D’Tuning accounts currently while I managed everything in D’Tuning for the past 2 years.

  9. francis b Says:

    oh icic.. can i mod my cars there too? hehe

  10. Ras Angela Says:

    of cos u can… haha~ it’s a workshop for business right? 🙂

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