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Beauty in the Automotive

Time 23 August, 2007

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We always say…

       Time can fade a memory away…


       It takes a MINUTE to find a special person…

                An HOUR to appreciate him

                  A DAY to love him

    But        An ENTIRE LIFE to forget him…

One day,

          When you think…

       You’ve forget him…

              You’re wrong…

Search deep inside your HEART

                  HE IS THERE…


Choices in Love 22 August, 2007

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A falling love is like…

  desperately hanging on to something precious;

Not wanting to give up;

Not wanting to let go…


      your hands feel the PAIN &

  When u finally let go,

You’re FREE from any pain!


      your hands are empty.

Often times,

      We say GOODBYE to

   the person we LOVE unwillingly…


    doesn’t mean we stop loving


      we stop caring…


      GOODBYE is

     a painful way to say I LOVE YOU.


Love in Dream & Reality 21 August, 2007

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How do u define this word “LOVE” ?
Some people says that is power and sweet and blind..
Some people says that is something emotional play around and always stay in the dream-hapiness…
Love and reality..
Do u think what u Dream wat’s Love will actually turn into real life?
Do it really can be true? Make ur dream love story into the reality life??
But, reality always is cruelty and sadness.
There is nothing 100%… it must scarifice something if u want to get something!
How many peoples really can live in their “SWEET, Lovely and Touching dream LOVE” in the reality life nowadays??

Wish whoever read this message will get the true love with their “dream love story” to be turn into real life!

(~Amend from “Love@Reality by MilK-MilK)


Heart Broken Love 20 August, 2007

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当我说爱你 我已经付出了所有
给予我的真心 照顾你无微不至
你也曾经誓言 你会一直深爱我
可是我完全相信 你却背叛这段感情。。。

到底是天在戏弄我 还是我给得不够多
我已做得最好 为什么你感觉不到
你说原来一开始 感觉并不是真的
那种伤痛 你可体会?

当离别时候 我好想再抱紧一些
多希望这是梦 一个不醒来的梦
我泪流湿满脸 你已经不再在乎
我的梦虽已毁灭 但我的爱却收不回!

到底是不是一场梦 由始到终都是幻觉
我们不该相遇 更不该开动这恋情
你要我许下承诺 要对你真心真意
种种回忆 能否忘记?

别对我说对不起 我要的只是你的爱
爱情不能够勉强 可是当初你说爱我
没有人愿意受伤 没有人愿意孤单
你没有背叛我 你只是背叛了这段感情

I wrote this lyrics after the first time i was cheated by a male model last year June. That was the ever first time which i wish to give out my Love. At the end, it was just a game and I didnt realise until my girl-friend and good friends around told me the truth. dissappointed by him…

Before knowing the truth, the lyrics has presented how’s my feelings. Later on while I knew the truth, there left only Hates.

After that relationship, I met Hon and tot that he’ll be my forever love. out of expectations, the relationship didnt turn out as what i expected. a few months later when i saw this lyrics lying in my pc, and i see that this lyrics can truly show my feelings during  December, heart broken period while Hon asked for broke up…

Anyhow, hope I’ll get the melody asap n share this song of mine with my frens one day soon~


Miss Someone 18 August, 2007

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Some people think

                the worst way to MISS someone

        is when he is right next to you


        you know you cant have him


        it’s worse when

          you thought you didn’t want him anymore

& then

        all of a sudeen you realize…

         you cant live without him…


Bad Injuries 17 August, 2007

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Deep in my heart
        I’m suffering
Knowing that I’ve lost you
           I look fine
Pretending that I’ve forgotten you

How can I promise u LET GO 
      when I’m still holding tight?
         How can I dry the tears
when I have a bleeding heart?

How can I ever forget you
when your name is etched
         so Deep within my mind…

We’re not destined…
We’re not meant for each other…
                                   We’re nothing…
      There’s no more between us…

I just come back from a Battle of Love
           & I LOST in the battle.

I cannot beg you to stay 
    if you want to leave 
       & be with someone else..
I have to admit that love
    doesn’t give me the license 
        to OWN a person…

This is what love means… BAD INJURIES


Goodbye 16 August, 2007

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Life it seems will fade away
Drifting further everyday
Getting lost within myself
Nothing matters no one else
I have lost the will to live Simply nothing more to give
There is nothing more for me
Need the end to set me free

Things not what they used to be Missing one inside of me
Deadly loss this cant be real
Cannot stand this hell i feel
Emptiness is filling me To the point of agony
Growing darkness taking dawn
I was me but now, shes gone

No one but me can save myself, but its too late
Now i cant think, think why i should even try

Yesterday seems as though it never existed
Death greets me warm, now i will just say goodbye

p/s :- for the last sentence i dun mean to encourage u to commide suicide ya…..

(Specially dedicated from NIck Wong)