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Perfectionism 23 October, 2007

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Suddenly thought of writing this article when I arrived my office this morning.

I’m not Virgo, but I’m a perfectionism person in my own way, somehow.

I dun force others to jog on the same path as I do, but not my other half…

I always want myself to look good at all time but I’m not a vain person. I do not know how to do facial, I do not go for diet on purpose, I’m not afraid of dirty and blablabla… Yet, I need myself to look as natural as I can be. Natural beauty is most people would accept as beauty, right? hehe!

Although I’m a model but I never ask to be slim as a stick. I love my body. I’m satisfied with my body figure. I do not know how to take better care of my skin but somehow, after bath and I feel fresh, that’s the perfect feeling which I ask for~

In the sense of perfectionism, I always ask myself to strike for the best results. Years after till now, I started to realize that I feel real tired and exhausted. I wish to take a break and go abroad for travel… back pack maybe? Still, I’m looking for a perfect spot which can relieve my stress away and make me feel total refresh…

Somehow, my ex-staffs all complained that there’s good and bad to work along with me. Bads which I always want things to be perfect and for more I always say, Fully utilize your common sense and creativity! They always have a tough time to squeeze their brain out to get me a perfect job. haha!

Goods which I don’t actually force them to do a job till my satisfaction as I’ll do it myself when I think it’s not right~ That’s why I’m the one who’s the last person who got stress out from a job, haiz~

Since young, I’m a perfectionism. I want myself to be as perfect as a lady can be. I try to learn up as most skills I can be. I try all activities to enjoy my life to the fullness. I try to work as hard as possible to surprise everyone…

Recently I somehow realize, I lost myself. I do not know what’s the next goal which I should aim and I lost my path to continue to be perfect. I’m upset for a perfectionism person is actually not a perfect person~


5 Responses to “Perfectionism”

  1. belle Says:

    ras, were you interviewed? can’t seem to find your name at the interview box or your picture on the starceleb homepage.

  2. Ras Angela Says:

    no, i wasn’t. Due to some issues happened in my company, I pulled out from StarCeleb 😦

  3. Steven Says:

    RAS…. How’s everything? I hope thing been going fine with you

  4. Ras Angela Says:

    ya, everything seem go well now.. thx for your concern! Long time no hear from u all d… after this week, I’ll be free a little.. call up yumcha!

  5. Chuan Ming Says:

    ras… you’re cool

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