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::Profile:: 15 July, 2007

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Ms Ras Angela Wong, who has been gratefully crowned as Miss Malaysia Asia Pacific in July, 2004 and too, had been chosen to represent Malaysia to participate in Galaxy Model Looks International 2004 in Guangzhou, China.

Additionally than winning the highest award Miss Malaysia Asia Pacific 2004 in the pageant, Ras was crowned with another 2 subtitles which are Miss Sunshine and Miss Fashionable. By the way, Ras has won plenty titles in pageants throughout year 2004.

Ras did not overwhelm in beauty pageants alone but in modeling as well. While she was an engineering student still, she had done a TV commercial ad for Secret Sunsdance hair colored product in year 2001. After that, she advanced in modeling career since year end of 2003.

There’s when she started catwalk for many famous designers’ brands and products’ names in local as well as internationally. Moreover, she has done a few print ads such as for photography studio house, slimming products, L’Oreal Technical Book, fashion catalogue, pets magazine, hair saloon, etc. Ras often appears in local magazines and newspapers so she might not be a stranger to you.

During her schooling age, Ras started in events management. She began with annual dinner occasion and followed by corporate projects with empty hands. Gradually, she attached with a company to consult in organizing a concert which is Kelly DynaCarnival 2002.

Since year 2003, she’s started in managing fashion shows and pageants. She’s a model, a beauty queen and also a creative choreographer and a multi-talented teacher. She can be a dancer who used to be an organist and a drummer. In the automotive line, Ras is the manager for the performance modification workshop manager as well become one of the few female drifter in the car racing field.

Full Name: Wong Hui Yin (Angela @ Ras)
Nick Name: Ras Angela
Date of Birth: 29th Nov 1983
Occupation: Corporate Communication Manager
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 53kg
Statistics: 33, 25, 34
Hair: Shoulder Length
Skin Complexion: Normal
Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese and understanding in many other Chinese dialects
Interests: Art, Automotive, PC Games, Outdoor activities
Special Skills: Percussion, Playing Organ, Car Racing Skills

Awards Won:
:: Malaysia Representative to Galaxy Model Look International ’04 in China;
:: Miss Malaysia Asia Pacific ’04 (Winner) + subtitles (Miss Sunshine, Miss Fashionable);
:: Miss Chinese Universe Selangor (2nd runner-up) + subtitle (Miss Personality);
:: Miss Golden Sun ’04 (winner) + subtitle (Miss Body Beautiful);
:: Miss KEC ’04 (1st runner-up) + subtitle (Miss Elegance);
:: Miss Megrez ’04 (1st runner-up);
:: Miss Young Beauty ’04 (1st runner-up) + subtitles (Miss International Fair, Miss Elegance);
:: Miss Su-Crystal ’04 (1st runner-up);
:: Miss Elegance in (Miss China Bluez);
:: Miss Photogenic in (Miss Cheongsam Sarawak Malaysia);
:: Miss Personality in (Miss Oriental World KL state); and
:: Miss Fresh Look in (Miss Palm Beach).

:: Runway Catwalk shows (Escada (Guangzhou), L’Oreal &Maybelline (M’sia), Riian Jeans, Triump, Wacoal, Designers’ Labels, products show, etc)

:: Commercial Printed advertisements (Board of Tourism M’sia for HK market, L’Oreal Technical Book, Fashion Catalogs, Hair Impression Hair Studio, Choong’s Photography Studio (Singapore), Cardier Bridal House, etc)
:: TV Commercial advertisements (Dove Moisturetherapy- 2006, Secret Sundance Hair Color -2001)


45 Responses to “::Profile::”

  1. KennetH Says:

    Wow….You shocked me lar…Ras

  2. BiGMak Says:

    Own The Game..Like how v Own You!!!
    Add Oil And Make Us proud!!!

  3. zenden Says:

    wow, you look gorgeous, u have 1 vote here

  4. Skyline Says:

    Ras, i believe you can do it this time too ! 🙂 all the best

  5. Dongdong Says:

    All the best!!

  6. Ice Prince Says:

    we will support u so dun let us disappionted oh…hehe
    add oil…..jia you…

  7. cclccc Says:

    加油加油!!!! go~ go~ go~!!!

  8. xbizkit Says:

    keep it up ya.

  9. Jayce Ooi Says:

    Hi Angela, I am same height as you lo. 🙂

  10. ALieN Says:

    你是最好的 ~~

  11. Tougewaja Says:

    Ras….Go GO GO !!! we support you

  12. lantro(kl) Says:


  13. andrew Says:

    now i understand that make up really can make someone look totally different. it can change devil become angel.

  14. Billy Says:


  15. civic@eg9 Says:

    all the best and gambateh oh..
    supporter from cari.. 😀

  16. Gordon_Bad Says:

    Ras …..gambateh!!! win the contest..!!。。加油。。。。。。all the best yeah!!

  17. navigator Says:

    Hi there, just passed by, all the best to you ^o^

  18. xiaowakka1 Says:

    all the best…
    from xiaowakka

  19. Jackhen Says:

    All the best and good luck. 1st of all, you are really very talent in many fields. impressive!! With your achievements and experiences, you manage to handle it well, we all will support you.

  20. BtLeJuiCe Says:

    Yo Angela! I’m here 😛

  21. P1Y Says:



  22. stevenkhong Says:


  23. 小魔鬼 Says:

    i will vote u…….
    nice JJ
    tik k and c ya^^

  24. dong Says:

    Andrew u go to hell…..

  25. 风神 Says:

    想不到你那么高。。。 173。。。 -.-!!

    更想不到你身材那么好。。。 :rf:

  26. KennetH Says:

    Angela…you are the best~~~

  27. Foong Says:

    Ras, Keep it up.
    I knew you can do it.

  28. iCon Says:

    Go gal….

  29. MH Says:

    all the best..good luck..

  30. Griffin Says:

    rasmenn… u r the best

  31. phaedra Says:

    U have my heart beating here for U all the way in Singapore! I will try to get ma’ butt arse home to support you! KA-YAO! KA-YAO! KA-YAO!

  32. Michael Says:

    Good luck..really hope u can win this..k? i thought u only focus on the workshop ,lucky u still do wat u r gifted..meet up soon..k take care..

  33. Rica Tuner Says:

    All the best ……. from the North

  34. Jeff Lee Says:


  35. Ras Angela Says:

    thank you for all blessings!
    ya, alot tot that I actually gave up on the entertainment field but no, here is what I’m competitiong to be fame! :p
    I will try my best so that I wont let u all down~ Thank you for your supports & may you enjoy reading my blog 🙂

  36. Kevin Says:

    U have my support 150%!!! Full throttle ahead!!! Add oil!!!

  37. Cari Forum Says:

    Cari Boleh , Malaysia Boleh , Our police Boleh

    Ras sure u will Boleh

  38. CK Says:

    All the best to u ras …… may all wish come true

    Fully support from me you will always have,
    Only can FEEL it but you cant SEE it,
    Went you SEE it that mean you WIN it.

    People fight the moon light u fight the stage light

    Keep accelerate dont stop till u reach

  39. retro172 Says:

    hey ras…gud luck in everythg u do. btw, when can i race wit u?? dont worry ..im nt tht gud.. bet u will overtake me..hehe..so.. nw i c some sensitive thinggy eh…hehe
    tkcr dear..

  40. Ras Angela Says:

    retro, do we know each other in real person?
    haha, racing ar…. i’m not that good to call for a race yet 😛 hopefully will have the day :p

  41. kailoon Says:

    yoyo, I am here to comment 🙂

  42. streetwear Says:

    Hello its a very nice site!

  43. vigrx Says:

    Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

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