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::Diet Recipe:: 23 August, 2007

Come and try my Self-homemade Diet Recipe!
But, hope you can lasting of doing it for at least one week…
If work-out scheduled with this diet recipe, the results is more significant!

Kindly share with me of your results, but don’t blame my recipe if you grow fatter!
Advisable to take this recipe 3times daily, or at least take twice a day…
Those who are junk-food or supper lovers, you may eat this as junk-food or supper!



Ingredients: [US Potato x2, cheddar cheese x2 pieces, low fat butter]
材料: [US 马铃薯 2 粒, cheedar cheese 2片,低脂肪牛油]

1. Peel off potato skin, cut them into pieces, boil with water for half an hour (water level cover all potato just right).
2. After boiled, put all potato into a bowl, add 2pieces cheese and suitable amount of low fat butter and smashed all.
3. Served right away and enjoy weight losing from day to day!

1。马铃薯削皮、切片, 然后放在水里煲半小时 (水的份量刚好盖淹马铃薯)。
2. 煮好后,放进碗里,加 2 片之士和适量的低脂肪牛油,然后用汤匙搓烂马铃薯和搅混。
3. 乘热吃。。。享受每天瘦身的效果!

The above recipe will not caused health problem but benefit your health because all ingredients are nutritious. As for those who need high consumption food daily, you may take more portion of above recipe.
Be aware that the diet week with this recipe, try to eat least meet or rice, you should take tomato as junk-food.
If you’re bored of taking this recipe 3times in a day, you may eat other food during dinner, but avoid take too much of meet and rice, preferably Italian noodles…

以上的配方不但不会令身体健康出现状况,反而有益健康,因为都是含有高营养素的食物。如果食量大者,可以吃多点,但在这星期内尽量少吃肉类和饭。。。 可吃番茄当零食。。。
如果吃腻了,晚餐可以吃别的,只要避免吃太多肉类和饭, 但可吃意大利面。

I can lose weight of 5kg in 7days in a row… This is real!!!
我可以在5天瘦下7kg…. 是真的!!!!

For those who can understand Chinese, you may visit my post in the following forum link:-

::My Diet Recipe::我的瘦身秘方::




1. xuxu Q: Isn’t potato has high carbohydrates? How can you lose weight?
1。 xuxu 问: 马铃薯的淀粉不是很高么?怎么你能越吃越瘦的呢?

A: Actually carbohydrates in potato is just enough calories for daily activities, a simple daily activities will already spend all carbohydrates. While calories is not sufficient of usage, fats in our cells will transform to necessary calories… carbohydrates unlike Fats, un-used will store in our body caused weight gaining because it will only transform to be protein as backup… But if potatos is taken with rice or meat, it’ll cause negative effect because carbohydrates transform to Protein but too much of Protein transform to Fats.
So, I can lose weight with this recipe easily… This recipe is necessary for me when I need to lose weight in a short time!
答: 其实马铃薯的淀粉只是补充身体所需的热能和能量,通常一天简单的生活活动已充分的用完了,而且对排泄系统有帮助。。。

2. Q: How much calories in this recipe and is there any other food to replace potato?
2. 问: 这秘方的卡路里是多少?有其他的食物代替吗?

A: One portion of this recipe is 440cal only. Cooked or Water Boiled potatos has lower calories as raw potato only has 70cal per 100g. Fried potato or potato chips are exceptional.Sweet potatos has 80cal per 100g only.
Whether there’s other food to replace, maybe you can try below mentioned food as there’re low calories too.

Main: Italian noodles, porridge
Meat/Seafood: Crab, Lobster, Chicken, Horse meat, Rabbit meat
Milky products: cottage cheese, soya bean, low fat cheese

Non-Low-Calories Food (Except from mentioned above):
Fruit: Watermelon
Vegetables: (Fried), Corn, Tomato sauce

Those who are pizza lovers, remember to choose Hawaiian pizza because it has the lowest calories in pizza while Pepperoni Pizza has the highest calories.

Last, White wine is better than Red Wine.

答: 一份的卡路里大约440cal.另外一提,蒸熟和水滚熟的马铃薯都是低卡路里,因为它本身只含有70cal per 100g.还有,番薯时常用来骂人,但它也只含有80cal per 100g.

正餐: 意大利面,白粥
肉类/海鲜: 螃蟹,龙虾, 鸡肉,马肉,兔肉
奶品:cottage cheese, 豆奶,低脂肪酸乳酪

水果: 西瓜
蔬菜: 炸的, 玉米粟,茄汁

如果喜欢吃pizza的人,记得要首选hawaiian pizza… 它是属最低卡路里的pizza
而pepperoni pizza 则含有最高卡路里。。。


3. How to calculate daily necessary calories figure?
3. 如何计算每天所需的卡路里?

GO.TO-> Daily Calories Calculator

4. How I know whether I’m at healthy weight range?
4. 我怎么知道我的身体健康状况?
1 pound = 2.2 kg


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