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New Living! 29 April, 2008

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It’s been some time not blogging…. I can’t sleep tonight~ wonder why 😦

Since 13/04/08, I’ve started a new living. Moving place of stay, changing job, getting to know new friends around and most importantly, back to the status of “single & available”…

I guess both of me & Daniel are expecting an end to the relationship since long ago~ We drag, delay, finding excuses to maintain the relationship. We both have a hard time getting along… Even though he has forgot all difficult moments that we went through together…

I moved back to my favorite living area, Sri Petaling. Hang around in my second home, Zonex again often~ I found a full time job with Advertlets, working as operation development & marketing. Too, part time free-lancing events management works with Manne’s company, Mannequin. Supposed that I agreed to continue working in D’Tuning as accounting but, Daniel seem don’t bother about the built-ups already. It really pissed me off from continuing helping him to build the company!

I started to dress-up & beautify myself again. It has been time for me not drinking alcohol and definitely I’ve picked them up again as it’s a necessary activity for singles, doesn’t it? LoL

I’m kinda satisfied with my current living lifestyle now but… I couldn’t consume food properly until now and not having a good sleep “alone” 😦

Hopefully, time would heals the pain & memories would fade out soon… Properly start a new relationship would be the fastest way to escape from the previous pain but it’s just a temporary medicine, it’s not cure~ After all, being a mutual flirt is kinda fun, isn’t it? I would get to know more friends and deeply get to know someone~

As I said in my previous long blog post, Men are Dogs & Women are Cats. The fact has proven that it will never change… Unless a women can find a man who is a cat and probably could get along “forever” then~

Virgoians always caught me attracted, I don’t why. Maybe simply because something in Virgoians which attract me so much :p Virgoian supposed to be perfectionism, clean, caring~ So far I’ve not really met someone who posses all these characteristic in one…

Although Virgo & Sagittarius aren’t make good couples in some ways… but I’m not a typical Sagittarius anyhow 🙂

ok ok…. start yawn again~ Yes! hopefully I can utilize the follow 2hours for good rest 🙂