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Congrate to the GroupB Top12! 9 October, 2007

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So sorry for the late post of congratulation :p Please don’t think I’m being so mean for not posting up ya? hehe!

:: #31 Frank Scott Lee :: #32 Li Su Lin :: #33 Joger Chew ::
:: #34 Kim Ong :: #35 Rob Chew :: #36 Clavinna Phan ::
:: #39 Jason Chen :: #40 Velva Cheng :: #44 Alea Abd Rahim ::
:: #45 Khairul Ariff :: #47 Kel Wong :: #49 Darren Chan

For those who didn’t make it to the Top24, all the best and may friendships continue to grow! I missed those days we all catch up for yumcha  for hours for gossips, hehe!


Congrate to the First Group Top14! 26 September, 2007

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It’s been a long long while for the Top60 of StarCeleb to wait for the results… Everyone looks being an ant on a hot pan! Everyone is sooooo nervous about the results~

Firstly to inform all of you guys, I’ve made up to the first group Top14! Finally I received a call from StarCeleb this afternoon to inform me about this~ Before that, whole day I was receiving calls from everyone to ask me about it~ making me so tension~ as I’m out of office whole day until now~

Congratulations to my buddies in Group A who made up to the “first” Top14 of StarCeleb…

:: #1 Mark Chin :: #2 Deborah :: #4 Ayu Nazura :: #5 Steve Tan :: #6 Angeline Yap :: #7 Leo Ho :: #8 Aileen Lau :: #9 Albert Ng Chuan Meng :: #12 Ronald Loh :: #22 MinLi Lee :: #23 WeiJun Loh :: #24 Effa Nurfayani :: #28 SuMei :: #30 Ras Angela Wong ::

Stay tune with NTV7 every Sunday at 6pm to support us,

StarCeleb! Our road to Stardom is begin~


Watch StarCeleb on NTV7 19 September, 2007

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StarCeleb finally started to show on air since last Sunday @ 6pm and it will continue showing on every Sunday @ 6pm at NTV7!!!

I’ve gathered some of the contestant to chit-chat and loaf around in Friendster Cafe, Damansara Perdana on last Sunday, as to watch our faces on TV together.

A bit disappointed that not many has shown up. Still, I get the best support from my buddies Joger, Kel, Elliot & Frank while our StarCeleb honorable IT admin Wilson & Simon have shown up when the show is started!

This 1st Episode only last for half an hour. Basically broadcasting on the audition days… From there we can see alots on comedy happen during the audition 🙂 Again, I congrate all who have made up to the Top60 in StarCeleb (while we are all friends now :p) and too, encourage those who din made up to the Top60 but continue to work hard for next year StarCeleb, maybe?!!

Frank has invited us to his house to watch the 2nd Episode together. Definitely I will join him & Joger, hehe! We’ve planned for mahjong session to add up fun for the day!

No matter how, all do stay tune, to watch us, StarCeleb on NTV7 every Sunday @ 6pm!


StarCeleb 1st Epi @ Friendster Cafe 10 September, 2007

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I’ve origanized an informal StarCeleb gathering to watch the 1st Episode of StarCeleb at NTV7 with a big projector screen in Friendster Cafe on 16/Sep 6pm 🙂

Venue: Friendster Cafe, Damansara Perdana
Date: 16/Sep 07 (Sunday)
Time: 5pm ~ 9pm
Charges: RM 34.50 per pax
Estimated: At least 40pax

All friends and family are invited!


-> Meslum salad with choices of dressings
(Balsamic, Aioli, Italian French, Thousand Island)
-> Potato Salad

Main Course
-> Chinese style fried rice
-> Creamy cabonara spaghetti with turkey ham
-> Roated Chicken with creamy Coriander sauce
-> Pan Fried John Dory fillet with Basil sauce
-> Sauteed vegetables with Garlic Oyster sauce

-> Warm bread and butter pudding with Vanilla custard sauce
-> Fresh fruits on crushed ice

-> Iced Blackcurrent Tea (FREE FLOW)

Kindly confirm your attendance and total number of your guest who attending by 12/Sep 07 (Wednesday) and full payment made latest by 14/Sep 07.

Question for discussion, info and changes can be done with SMS, MSN, my contact form at this blog, Chatbox or a comment for this post.
Hope to see you all! 🙂


Come to BED! 6 September, 2007

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Come to on the 8th September 2007 at 930pm!
Something is real happening in town!
I don’t mean your bed at home but which located at:

G-01, Heritage House
Asian Heritage Row
No 33, Jalan Yap Ah Shak
50300 Kuala Lumpur

is located at Asian Heritage Row behind Hotel Sheraton Imperial, which nearby other happening clubs such as The Loft or Maison.

The Top60 of StarCeleb will once again appear together in the public and this time, We will party for all night long and shine with you all!

In fact, there’ll be a photography contest for all freelance photographer out there! StarCeleb invites all freelance photographer to capture the moments and you stand a chance to win the following cash prizes:

1st Prize       RM1000.00
2nd Prize        RM 500.00
3rd Prize        RM 300.00

Get aware & obtain more information from the STARCELEB.TV for its terms & conditions applied.

10.00pm . . . . . . . Arrival
10.30pm . . . . . . . Pose Session ( Photo shoot opportunity )
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Individual Introduction
11.30pm . . . . . . . . Group Shots
12am onwards . . .
Groove Session ( Photo shoot opportunity )
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Party
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chill Session ( Photo shoot opportunity )

Come to and join us at the party! Your best supports are our best courage!



Beautiful Daren 28 August, 2007

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Can I call him BEAUTIFUL? else? he won in a beauty pageant, wasn’t he? 😀

Hmmm… my “beautiful” buddy Daren, he’s wearing my crown leh… I always scattered my crowns all over everywhere on the writing table and he’s making a try with it, so vain~ haha! What do you comment on him? I think he’s kinda suit wearing the crown actually :p

Here are dozens trophies and crown showing off in my parents’ house. These are ONLY the few parts of OUR awards winning trophies photos. There’re many trophies of my father have been broken by me & my sis when we’re young, cos my dad make them our toys :p wakakaka… Just imagine if you have more than 50 trophies at home, and you might do the same!

My dad was a very good Bowling & Badminton player back in Penang. Due to bad injuries on his knee and there finished his sportman life 😦

As you can see in the photo, most of the school trophies belong to my younger sister, Melissa. She’s more into intellectual. Eh, i mean i’m intellectual too but my school trophies kept in my room storage box :p

Ah-hah… above are few of my trophies won in beauty pageant. 3 of the “beauty” looks trophies are won in Miss Malaysia Asia Pacific 2004 (Winner + subsidiary titles – Miss Fashionable & Miss Sunshine) 🙂


Redbox Session 27 August, 2007

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Another in-formal small gathering for karaoke session in Redbox, The Curve on 21/Aug 07.

Joger called off for this karaoke sessions. Expected only 5 person but results turn out to have total 8!

Kel and Cola(Kel’s friend) arrived early at 2pm. Joger came over to my house to fetch me and we arrived at 2pm+. We started to enjoy singing, no barrier between us to lose our pitch in singing :p But, I realised 4 of us have verrrrrry good chemistry in corporate to sing a solo songs! We can suit our voice, our tune, our tone while sing with another and many songs turn out to be so sweet~

Daren, Aaron (Daren’s cousin), WaiLing & Larry arrived at 4pm+ after their own karaoke session in Times Square earlier. Kel & his fren left early…

Hey, watch the funny version of singing the “argue” type of song… though they dun sound like argue with each other but they actually argue for MIC to sing :p 

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/h1-d_EoJnkg" width="500" height="425" wmode="transparent" /]

6 of us hang out til 6pm+ and Larry gotta go home first and left us 5 to take dinner in Sakae Sushi, The Curve, blow water til almost 8pm and all went home happily…