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Maggie Q 30 July, 2007

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Many says that I look alike Maggie Q. Errr… but I’m doubt in it as I can’t recognize any physically appearance on her face look alike! haha! No matter how, I stil being thankful to think that I look alike Maggie Q, who is a gorgeous beauty known in the world 🙂

Who’s Maggie Q after all?

Her real name is Margaret Denise Quigley (Chinese: 李美琪) or better known her as Maggie Q. She is an American actress and former fashion model. She initially gained fame in Hong Kong. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to an American father of Polish, Irish and French descent and a Vietnamese mother. Her parents met while her father was stationed in Vietname. Maggie is the youngest of 5 children. She has two sisters and two half-siblings from her mother’s previous marriage in Vietnam. She still visits Hawaii with her family, including Claire Foglia. After graduating from Mililani High School, she travelled to Japan and Hong Kong to earn money as a fashion model. In 1998 she got her first role in a Chinese-language TV series, and she has been acting ever since. While still relatively unfamiliar to audiences in the United States, she has achieved celebrity status in Hong Kong and elsewhere in East Asia. Because of her non-Chinese heritage, many of her Asian film appearances are in English or dubbed in the Chinese languages.

Her big breakthroughs into the film world came when she bagged the lead roles in the Hong Kong action thrillers Gen-Y-Cops and Naked Weapon, in which she played the sexy but vulnerable martial artist assassin Charlene Ching. She has also played the titular role of Harmony in the German-Singapore telemovie collaboration Das Haus Der Harmonie, opposite leading Singaporean actress Fann Wong.Recently, she starred in her biggest Hollywood role to date alongside Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible III. She played Zhen, the only female member of his elite IMF team. Maggie plays one of the computer hacking extortionists in the 2007 Bruce Willis action thriller, Live Free or Die Hard, the fourth film in the popular Die Hard franchise.

Do visit her official website at Maggie Q


StarCeleb host Daniel Tan 25 July, 2007

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First of all, who is Daniel Tan?

Daniel Tan has been invading the Malaysian entertainment scene ever since his first TV entertainment commercial at the age of 19. Even as a relative newcomer, Daniel Tan enjoyed much success as a male model.

He is best known for modelling, won the Best Male Model in KL Fashion Week 2005, organized by the largest newspaper The Star and also nominated as the New Model of the Year 2004 in Fashion Biz Gala Award.

With these accolades under his 31-inch belt, he is widely recognized all over in Malaysia, whether his striking presence appears on the catwalk or his visage gracing fashion and lifestyle magazines such as FHM, iFeel, Citrabella, MyWedding and KLUE. He is also the face of Philosophy Men, a local fashion brand applauded for its edgy and exotic designs..

Daniel is famous for his versatitle look from his boyish charm to dark brooding stares to effortless elegance. It is his range that has enabled him to model for brands as diverse as Puma, Levi’s, Canali, Dunhill, Timberland, Mambo, Giordano, Kenneth Cole, Bonia, Swarovski and Guess, among many others. His professionalism and excellent work have taken him to campaigns around the world to places like Bali, Bangkok, Mauritius, Milan and Japan.

Daniel is fluency is speaking English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay allowed him to branch out into acting and hosting. His TV debut was in hosting the reality show “Running out of Time” and the most recent one I’m sure is “StarCeleb” 🙂 He also hosted the Nokia N91 roadshow at Suria KLCC. Daniel’s latest project is the interactive drama “Trio And A Bed” on Astro Wah Lai Toi. Daniel plays the male lead with co-stars Amber Chia & Carmen Soo.

Daniel is set to pursue the entertainment field even further.
Get to know more about this charming old friend of mine~ 🙂
Daniel’s Friendster
Daniel’s Personal Blog
Daniel’s Official Website

Daniel & I were schoolmate during our high school in Subang Jaya. We did not get to know each other until we met during a local drama acts in KL. We were surpised that we should have knew each other for a long time! No matter how, it’s never be too late to have a good friend around 🙂

I’ve witness how great and success he build his career in the entertainment field for the past few years. In fact, if I’m not wrong, he started his modelling only since year 2003 and here is now where he’ve made his effort to stand! Congratulations Daniel and I’m so proud that I know you 🙂

This was a photo captured during my 1st day appearance for StarCeleb in The Curve while Daniel is one of the host for the show! Although we’ve not met nor keep in touch with each other for quite a long time but stil, we recognized each other by giving out a wink 😉

We spent some time to catch up for some chit-chat and I guess I’ve made some other girls jealous out there, hehe! Hey wait~ We’re friends! We’ve chatted on how’s life been, how’s going and I actually advise him on cars which automotive is my profession right? 😀

However, I’m too wish Daniel will get recover as soon as possible of his injured leg and may him move on further in his career in the entertainment line 🙂