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New Living! 29 April, 2008

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It’s been some time not blogging…. I can’t sleep tonight~ wonder why 😦

Since 13/04/08, I’ve started a new living. Moving place of stay, changing job, getting to know new friends around and most importantly, back to the status of “single & available”…

I guess both of me & Daniel are expecting an end to the relationship since long ago~ We drag, delay, finding excuses to maintain the relationship. We both have a hard time getting along… Even though he has forgot all difficult moments that we went through together…

I moved back to my favorite living area, Sri Petaling. Hang around in my second home, Zonex again often~ I found a full time job with Advertlets, working as operation development & marketing. Too, part time free-lancing events management works with Manne’s company, Mannequin. Supposed that I agreed to continue working in D’Tuning as accounting but, Daniel seem don’t bother about the built-ups already. It really pissed me off from continuing helping him to build the company!

I started to dress-up & beautify myself again. It has been time for me not drinking alcohol and definitely I’ve picked them up again as it’s a necessary activity for singles, doesn’t it? LoL

I’m kinda satisfied with my current living lifestyle now but… I couldn’t consume food properly until now and not having a good sleep “alone” 😦

Hopefully, time would heals the pain & memories would fade out soon… Properly start a new relationship would be the fastest way to escape from the previous pain but it’s just a temporary medicine, it’s not cure~ After all, being a mutual flirt is kinda fun, isn’t it? I would get to know more friends and deeply get to know someone~

As I said in my previous long blog post, Men are Dogs & Women are Cats. The fact has proven that it will never change… Unless a women can find a man who is a cat and probably could get along “forever” then~

Virgoians always caught me attracted, I don’t why. Maybe simply because something in Virgoians which attract me so much :p Virgoian supposed to be perfectionism, clean, caring~ So far I’ve not really met someone who posses all these characteristic in one…

Although Virgo & Sagittarius aren’t make good couples in some ways… but I’m not a typical Sagittarius anyhow 🙂

ok ok…. start yawn again~ Yes! hopefully I can utilize the follow 2hours for good rest 🙂


Perfectionism 23 October, 2007

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Suddenly thought of writing this article when I arrived my office this morning.

I’m not Virgo, but I’m a perfectionism person in my own way, somehow.

I dun force others to jog on the same path as I do, but not my other half…

I always want myself to look good at all time but I’m not a vain person. I do not know how to do facial, I do not go for diet on purpose, I’m not afraid of dirty and blablabla… Yet, I need myself to look as natural as I can be. Natural beauty is most people would accept as beauty, right? hehe!

Although I’m a model but I never ask to be slim as a stick. I love my body. I’m satisfied with my body figure. I do not know how to take better care of my skin but somehow, after bath and I feel fresh, that’s the perfect feeling which I ask for~

In the sense of perfectionism, I always ask myself to strike for the best results. Years after till now, I started to realize that I feel real tired and exhausted. I wish to take a break and go abroad for travel… back pack maybe? Still, I’m looking for a perfect spot which can relieve my stress away and make me feel total refresh…

Somehow, my ex-staffs all complained that there’s good and bad to work along with me. Bads which I always want things to be perfect and for more I always say, Fully utilize your common sense and creativity! They always have a tough time to squeeze their brain out to get me a perfect job. haha!

Goods which I don’t actually force them to do a job till my satisfaction as I’ll do it myself when I think it’s not right~ That’s why I’m the one who’s the last person who got stress out from a job, haiz~

Since young, I’m a perfectionism. I want myself to be as perfect as a lady can be. I try to learn up as most skills I can be. I try all activities to enjoy my life to the fullness. I try to work as hard as possible to surprise everyone…

Recently I somehow realize, I lost myself. I do not know what’s the next goal which I should aim and I lost my path to continue to be perfect. I’m upset for a perfectionism person is actually not a perfect person~


Thank you for concern 11 October, 2007

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My company is facing some legal issue recently and stressed me up daily… Until yesterday, I got advice from a lawyer and I guess I’m clear of the scene and knowing the procedures well to carry on my works 🙂

First of all, I need to thank for all who had concern bout me and the case.

Firstly, a big thanks to Lisa Chee for helping me out and introduce a lawyer from her father’s firm and get me out from the mist.

Secondly, thank you to Wai Ling who keen to help me to contact her friends for some advices and make me feel warm of having such friend!

Thank you all and I gotta continue to my tonnes of work load til end of this year 🙂


Luck is Not Here! 1 October, 2007

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Arrrghhh~ I just wonder why, more and more unexpected & unfortunate events happened to me!

I was away from office for the past few days due to the schedule of StarCeleb. Although I’m not busy during the StarCeleb schedule, but definitely I’m not allowed to leave the area which was told. My phone was set in silence mode. My staffs & my customers couldn’t reach me at the mean time & many things have been screwed up!

I expected a good rest on Sunday. Early in the morning bout 8am, I wanna to get downstairs to grab some water. When I got out from my bed and I was shocked, and shouted OMG! My whole bedroom is flooded with water about 2inches high! For your information, my room is located at the 1st Floor of a double storey linked house….

I’ve then realized the flood was caused by my forgetful. I forgot to off a water pipe as I was too tired after one day scheduled event on the day before. The water spilled all over my up-stairs and also downstairs… My books, my furnitures, my clothes are wet~

Haiz, I spent my lovely Sunday to clean up my house… Sadly that I’ve to throw away many books 😦

In the evening, I met up Joger, Frank, Welva to watch StarCeleb at Damansara. On my way back, again the bad luck came to me! My car has an empty tank & I didn’t noticed. Luckily Joger is around to come over to help me over~

Today when I arrived in my office, a bigger case happened which my company is being sued at the Consumer’s Court over a matter. The case has made their decision without our notice until I read the newspaper.

I hope the day will be better~ I’m stressed enough for all these shits…..


Dream House 15 September, 2007

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I assume most people has their own “Dream House” since young…

Someone likes to stay in apartments/flats as they think neighbouhood are compact… Or maybe they like to take elevator? Or simply they think they can only afford an apartment lot?

Some love to stay in linked houses so that they have their own garden, private parking pouch at the front door…

Definitely many dream to have a semi-D or a Bungalow!

For myself, I always dream to have a double storey Studio type apartment lot… Something look like this:

I simply like to stay with alone or with my lover only… having a compact but sufficient space to chill when I invited friends for a small gathering at home… I wish I can design it cozy and relaxing… too, my dream house has be to located on top of an apartment building and situated in the middle of the city! So that I can admire the glam lights of the city at night~

Somehow, this dream house seem to be affordable but yet, difficult to achieve. My current partner doesn’t like an apartment… even more, hate a studio type house… Sigh~ unless I get it and stay on my own then :p


Beautiful Daren 28 August, 2007

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Can I call him BEAUTIFUL? else? he won in a beauty pageant, wasn’t he? 😀

Hmmm… my “beautiful” buddy Daren, he’s wearing my crown leh… I always scattered my crowns all over everywhere on the writing table and he’s making a try with it, so vain~ haha! What do you comment on him? I think he’s kinda suit wearing the crown actually :p

Here are dozens trophies and crown showing off in my parents’ house. These are ONLY the few parts of OUR awards winning trophies photos. There’re many trophies of my father have been broken by me & my sis when we’re young, cos my dad make them our toys :p wakakaka… Just imagine if you have more than 50 trophies at home, and you might do the same!

My dad was a very good Bowling & Badminton player back in Penang. Due to bad injuries on his knee and there finished his sportman life 😦

As you can see in the photo, most of the school trophies belong to my younger sister, Melissa. She’s more into intellectual. Eh, i mean i’m intellectual too but my school trophies kept in my room storage box :p

Ah-hah… above are few of my trophies won in beauty pageant. 3 of the “beauty” looks trophies are won in Miss Malaysia Asia Pacific 2004 (Winner + subsidiary titles – Miss Fashionable & Miss Sunshine) 🙂


Redbox Session 27 August, 2007

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Another in-formal small gathering for karaoke session in Redbox, The Curve on 21/Aug 07.

Joger called off for this karaoke sessions. Expected only 5 person but results turn out to have total 8!

Kel and Cola(Kel’s friend) arrived early at 2pm. Joger came over to my house to fetch me and we arrived at 2pm+. We started to enjoy singing, no barrier between us to lose our pitch in singing :p But, I realised 4 of us have verrrrrry good chemistry in corporate to sing a solo songs! We can suit our voice, our tune, our tone while sing with another and many songs turn out to be so sweet~

Daren, Aaron (Daren’s cousin), WaiLing & Larry arrived at 4pm+ after their own karaoke session in Times Square earlier. Kel & his fren left early…

Hey, watch the funny version of singing the “argue” type of song… though they dun sound like argue with each other but they actually argue for MIC to sing :p 

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/h1-d_EoJnkg" width="500" height="425" wmode="transparent" /]

6 of us hang out til 6pm+ and Larry gotta go home first and left us 5 to take dinner in Sakae Sushi, The Curve, blow water til almost 8pm and all went home happily…